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New Year New Testament (and Old Testament)

Happy New Year!

For our fifth (!) year of reading the Bible together, we're expanding the New Year New Testament challenge to include the Old Testament.

Here's how our NYWB reading challenge for 2024 is going to look:

  • We'll send a text out every weekday with the readings and a link to the passages in the New International Version. (Click here if you would like a print-out.)
  • We're sticking with five readings per week, giving you space on the weekends for other devotional reading (or to catch a missed day's reading...)
  • We will read the Old Testament in roughly chronological order, Psalms will be placed where the approximately belong in Israel's history, and the New Testament readings space the Gospels out every three months.
  • You can get creative by splitting the readings throughout the day or just read the OT or NT.

Our heart is to encourage you to read the Bible daily. It is God's Word, "alive and active". If you miss a day's reading, "fall behind" or "join late", just read the current day's readings. Just read something!

Happy New Year from TNC, and happy new Bible challenge!