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Epistle Preview: 1 Corinthians

Epistle Preview: 1 Corinthians

Did you enjoy reading through Romans this past month? I know I did! So many timely truths—who says the Bible isn't relevant any more?

Tomorrow we start our first letter to the church at the Greek city of Corinth.

  • Author: Paul
  • Audience: the church at Corinth
  • When: AD 53-55
  • Major themes: the gospel and the church, the gifts, love, resurrection
Modern-day Corinth, Greece. Photo by Nicholas Hartmann. CC.

Corinth was an extremely influential and prosperous seaport city, much like New York or London today. It was considered modern, cosmopolitan, and at the forefront of culture.

Many problems and issues were rising in the Corinthian church: this letter is Paul's response. The issues this church was facing are very relevant to the Western church today: godly living in the midst of a corrupt culture, individual and church purity, spiritual gifts, unity within the Body of Christ, walking in Divine Love, and so much more.

As with every epistle, every book of Scripture, this letter was written for you—straight from the Holy Spirit's mouth, through Paul's pen. Every day as you open a new chapter of 1 Corinthians, ask God to illuminate how this letter was written for you. Feel free to discuss with others what these messages mean to us in 2020 as individuals, as people living in an adverse and toxic culture, and as members of the Body of Christ.

Read the Passion Translation's introduction to 1 Corinthians or jump into the first chapter!