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November 25: 2 John

November 25: 2 John

Loving Truth

From the elder[a] to God’s chosen woman[b] and her children:

I love you all as those who are in the truth.[c] And I’m not the only one, for all who come to know the truth[d] share my love for you 2 because of the livingtruth that has a permanent home in us and will be with us forever.[e]

3 God our Father and Jesus Christ, his Son, will release to us overflowing grace, mercy, and peace, filled with true love.[f]

4 I was delighted and filled with joy when I learned that your children are consistently living in the truth, just as we have received the command from the Father.

5 Dearest woman, I have a request to make of you. It is not a new commandment but a repetition of the one we have had from the beginning: that we constantly love one another. 6 This love means living in obedience to whatever God commands us. For to walk in love toward one another is the unifying commandment we’ve heard from the beginning.

Warning about False Teachers

7 Numerous deceivers have surfaced from among usand gone out into the world,[g] people who will not acknowledge Jesus Christ coming as a man. These deceivers are antichrists! 8 Be on your guard so that you do not lose all that we[h] have diligently worked for but receive a full reward.

9 Anyone who wanders away[i] and does not remain faithful to the teaching of Christ has no relationship with God. But those who remain in the teaching of Christ have a wonderful relationship with both the Father and the Son. 10 So if anyone comes into your fellowship claiming to be a true believer yet doesn’t bring this teaching, you are not to consider him as a fellow believer,[j] nor should you welcome him into your homes.[k] 11 For if you welcome him as a believer,[l] you will be partnering with him in his evil agenda.

12 Although I have many more subjects I’d like to discuss with you, I’d rather not include them in this letter.[m] But I look forward to coming to visit and speaking with you face-to-face[n]—for being together will complete our joy!

13 The children of your sister, whom God has chosen, send you their loving greetings. Amen.[o]