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New Testament Bible Reading Challenge

New Testament Bible Reading Challenge

What's good, True North Church?

On Dec 31, we wrapped up yet another reading of the New Testament!

In 2021, our second year of the challenge, we read the New Testament in the New Living Translation, a clear, contemporary translation of the Bible. I really enjoyed this translation: it's an easy to understand, solid translation that you can give to a new believer as easily as a seasoned Bible scholar.

For us, a new year means a new translation, and for 2022 we've prayerfully selected the New American Standard Bible. This popular translation was revamped in 2020 to fine-tune accuracy and readability for modern readers. From the Lockman Foundation's website:

The long-established translation standard for the  New American Standard Bible 2020 text remains the same as it always has been, that is to accurately translate the inspired Word of God from the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts into modern English that is clearly understandable today.

2022 will be our third year reading together—we're excited to continue the tradition!

How does five minutes per day sound? And remember, reading one NT chapter every weekday gets you through the entire New Testament in one year! (Which means the weekends can come in clutch if you get behind...)  

Jump in wherever you're at—the important thing is that we're reading God's Word for us every day. So every morning at 7:30 am, here are some ways you can read with us:

  • On our website: You can access the daily Bible readings from our website.
  • Via email: Get the day's reading delivered to your inbox by subscribing to TNC emails on our homepage.
  • Purchase a physical Bible: Pick a retailer from the Lockman Foundation's website to select from a variety of NASB 2020 publications.
  • Via mobile device: Read online or in-app by selecting your favorite Bible app from the Lockman Foundation's website.
For the word of God is living and active... (Hebrews 4:12, NASB 2020)

How does the saying go, "The church that read the Bible together stays together"?

Happy reading! —TNC Creative Team