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New Year New Testament 2023

2022—that's a wrap! As per tradition, we're starting the God's Word New Testament on Monday, January 2. This year, we're going through it chronologically, following the events and writings in the order they happened. Let's jump right in!
New Year New Testament 2023

Wow, another year—another New Testament challenge is complete! As we're wrapping up 2022, we're excited to continue our tradition into the new year.

We've prayerfully selected God's Word Translation for 2023, "the Bible that speaks in today’s English so people of all ages can study and comprehend it." (If you would like to read more about the translation, check out Bible Gateway.)

As ever, this is a challenge with little pressure—if you miss a day, or don't join on day one, no worries! Just jump right in on whatever today's reading is.

If you want to get daily text reminders, simply text TNC to 84576.

  • NOTE: We will not be emailing the daily readings for 2023; the only alerts that we will send are via text.

Our mission with this challenge is to make it easy for you to read God's Word every day. God's Word is powerful, alive, and always relevant.

Happy New Year from your TNC family!