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Be Encouraged!

Be Encouraged!

We are going to miss meeting together with you all tomorrow, and we can't wait for church to be back to our regular schedule! Below are some scriptures for us to read out loud, talk about, and think about, with our families if possible. This is a great time to reconnect with God, ensuring our confidence and trust in Him, and set an example before the next generation. God will see us through this event and we will be stronger! Listen to and read the Scripture even more than you are listening to and reading the news... magnify God in your life!

Be in prayer for our leaders, our medical and emergency personnel, and the scientists that are working to get a natural cure. God can give them the wisdom to lead, heal, and discover!

Psalms 61

Psalms 91

Isaiah 40

2 Timothy 1:7

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Keep shining your light!

Pastor Brad & Jennifer