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Important update to live stream!

We are excited to stream directly to our website, live, making it easier than ever to join our services wherever you are. Just go to https://tnc.sc/live/ every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. or Wednesday at 7 p.m.

Previously we were limited to what we could broadcast during the service, especially regarding worship music. Many of our favorite songs are held under strict copyright with YouTube, prohibiting us from using them in our worship while streaming online. If we were to use one of these songs, YouTube would shut our stream down.

By streaming directly to our website, we are no longer held to these requirements. We will, however, upload our services to YouTube after the live stream is complete, but it will be only the teaching portion of the service (without our music and announcements).

All of our past services will still be available on YouTube  

We are excited about these changes and regaining some of our favorite worship songs to add back to our services.

We hope to see you join our next service, in person or online!